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Sabih Javed
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UPDATE: – After this Post, he stopped selling Links now on PPH.

I frequently cover various articles exposing various Editorial Link who abuses their authorship on various publications. Today story is about Mr.Sabih Javed.

About Sabih Javed :

Profile Pic“I’m Sabih Javed, a content marketer, a startup entrepreneur, and the founder of I have been working with startups and businesses as digital marketer since 2010. “- TheNextWeb

“An entrepreneur, digital marketer, and the guy who runs the place at DigitalMarketer.PK “ –

He is a Link Seller and offers Links from Yahoo News [ Singapore ]. Just for your information, Yahoo News does not allow Guest Post, It only aggregates articles from trusted network sites. One of such site is – E27.CO

So if you have authorship on and managed to publish an article then your article has the chance to get sync on Yahoo News [ Singapore ]. This is how Yahoo News Link Selling work.

Google Search




He sells his Link Service on PPH and its detail can be seen below:

PPH Profile


His Service URL where he is selling Yahoo News Link ( by posting Content on ) just in $299.



Sabih Javed also uses the same technique that of other link sellers – CEO Quote based links. Most of the articles under his profile has many CEO quote based links which looks natural and can pass Editorial Review.

  1. Experts give advice on overcoming 3 top startup marketing challenges

Some of Link Example in the article can be seen below:


Bob Jenson, the CEO of Small Business Loans [ ]


Maulik Patel, CEO of Dealslands [ ]


Donald J. Trudeau of Benistar – Seriously he has advice? No he has Money to buy this Link

2.Businesses share their best sales generation techniques

Some of Link Example in the article can be seen below:

Quentin Pignard, CEO of the QP Software [ ]

Adam Lebenstein, the founder of ASL Productions [ ]


3.Best digital marketing strategies, as shared by 3 CEOs

Some of Link Example in the article can be seen below:

Dustin Mathews, CEO of Speaking Empire [ ]

Audie Chamberlain, the CEO of Lion & Orb [ ]

Wei Hsu, CEO of INS Consulting [ ]


There are many More Articles under his Profile which has CEO based Quotes. Anyone from Link Selling Business can tell that those are paid links.

I am wondering how E27.CO Content Moderation Teams are blind to such Link Selling Practice?

Readers / Visitors are reading the article on E27 assuming that they are informative but the fact is that you may be reading the junk articles that are just written to insert link for SEO Purpose. By the way, E27 is NOFOLLOW 🙂