Harold Stark, Indian with Fake US Forbes Profile & EDITORIAL Link Seller

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Post Updated on : 18th Sept 2017

Our new HERO in Link Selling Business is HAROLD STARK:


Harold StarkThis is the only picture that is populated throughout the internet for so-called Mr. Harold Stark. You will not find a single picture about Harold Stark apart from this. No Facebook, No Linkedin, No Social Presence at all. What you will find is the variation if this picture in black & white format and in some places – colored. This is similar to another fake Forbes Profile – Jimmy Rohampton

 “An independent journalist with a penchant for the cutting edge, I have been writing about the influence of technology on popular culture for quite some time. Currently, I am out covering lifestyle and productivity technology for the Forbes Magazine. Some people I know have been spreading rumors about me being related to prominent Game of Thrones characters, though I would personally discourage you from lending ear to such frivolous gibberish.” – Forbes Profile

 “Harold Stark is a technology columnist for The Week. A journalist covering the broad intersection of lifestyle and technology, he wields his pen for a variety of online publications, the most important of them being Forbes Magazine and The Week. There is some serious talk about him being a descendent from one of the seven noble houses of Westeros, though such allegations have never been actually proven.” – The Week Profile

Harold Stark has a website with same name – HAROLDSTARK.COM where he has written little bit humorous about him and relating Game of Throne. The website is just one page with the address as below: – NEW YORK, USA which is a fake. He is Indian and stays in Kolkata.

Harold contact


His Domain [ https://www.haroldstark.com/ ] WHOIS LOOK UP showed address of Kolkata, India with Indian Mobile Number (need to keep that secret). He recently purchased WHOIS service to block the domain registering details. However, I still have the screenshot of that WHOIS Lookup details – but lets not reveal his confidential info.

Out of India


He was invited to an event but in twitter he says he is out of Country and thanked them for Invite through his tweet. By the way, how can he attend in the first place when he is not what you think? He is an Indian and holding this fake profile of Harold Stark as US Writer.

Dear Inviter, do take time to ask for his Identification Document of he being Harold Stark before inviting him for any event if he agrees to come : P

In India

I am in India right now. Seriously? You are an Indian and you stay in India only with the fake illusion that you are US based Contributor.


” https://twitter.com/realharrystark “

This Profile is a fake just to support his authorship; here you will find his random tweets he does every day to keep his profile active. He also keeps trying to make contact with various Editors / Associate of publications by sharing their article, tweeting them and sometimes pitch them. Let’s take a glance at his tweets:


You will find that he is trying to get in touch with a lot of FASTCOMPANY people who is directly or indirectly related to Editor Position, check some of his tweets

Twitter Harold Star

Here he is trying to keep the conversation with Harry McCracken – Fast Company Technology Editor.

Twitter Harold Stark

Here he is trying to contact Anjali Khosla – Editor of Fast Company

Harold Stark FOrbes

He is trying to impress Mr Glenn Fleishman – Freelance Editor for Fast Company


Harold Stark

Series of Tweets to IBTimes Contributor / Editor. Series of Tweets to Dubsmansell [Managing Editor Ibtimes ], Elana Glowatz [ Reporter times ], James Billington   [ Editor IBtimes ]

There are much more tweets of him reaching to people of various publications for contact and pitching. Let’s keep this apart as we are not here to analyze his twitter but his Link selling activity.



You must be wondering why all of sudden I am on Harold stark – The Indian link seller? What made me think he is link seller? Right? The answer to this simple question is I bought link from PEOPLEPERHOUR and it got placed here in his profile and then I dig out his whole history to understand him and his nature of selling Paid Forbes Link.

No Doubt, Indians are smart. But I am not convinced how Editors of bigger publications fell to their content bait without knowing or verifying whether  the person really exists or not. This makes me think that is it really Forbes so easy? You can create a fake profile and with little quality content, you get accepted as a contributor.

Harold Stark link selling technique is same that of Jimmy Rohampton, Brent Gleeson and other link selling i.e Sell Link in form of CEO Quote. No doubt the content written by him is informative and worth reading but how Editors of Forbes Publications are blind to such link selling practice. Readers read articles and trust bigger publication for their credibility and factual context written in the article but what we are reading is junk article filled with links. You may be wondering how this CEO gets mentioned in Forbes? Don’t worry what you need is $$$ and right contact of link seller. If you don’t know then pm me, I can guide you to right link seller.

Let’s read his articles and clients linked in Forbes Article:


1. Your Internet Provider Has Already Hacked Your Smart Home

President of ECO EXPERTS

Scott Colgain, President of ECO EXPERTS [http://ecoexperts.com/]

2. Microsoft And Google Race To Build The World’s Smartest Cloud

CEO of HR Software

Jeff Klem, CEO of HR Software [https://www.hrsoftware.me/ ]

3 Uber’s New CEO Is Just A Fall Guy For The Days To Come

Mobile Wash

You are linking to a crap Car Wash Company in Tech Article. Seriously? [https://www.mobilewash.com/]

Above are just few samples, there are many articles by Harold Stark where he has linked clients either in CEO Quote or in general linking.


Snapchat and Facebook Are Going To Change Television Forever
Client: Steven Levy, Technology Journalist [http://www.stevenlevy.com/ ]
Client: Benton Olivares, Writer at Revolution Pictures [http://www.revolutionpictures.com/ ]
Client: Ravi Gullapalli, Founder, and CEO of  Fastra Messenger [http://www.fastramessenger.com/ ]

A Bipartisan Bill To Strengthen Cybersecurity For The Internet Of Things
Client: Ryan Tabibian, CEO of Daxima [https://www.daxima.com/ ]
Client: Zohar Pinhasi, CEO of MonsterCloud [https://monstercloud.com/ ]

Chaos Ensues As Bitcoin Splits Into Two Separate Cryptocurrencies
Client: Michael Gastauer, CEO of WB21 [https://www.wb21.com/ ]
Client: John McAfee, News Break [https://www.newsbreakapp.com/]
Client:  Geekwrapped [https://www.geekwrapped.com/cryptocurrency ]

Empowering Disabled Homeowners With Automated Homes
Client: Todd Harvey, Legal Partner at Burke Harvey, LLC [https://www.burkeharvey.com/ ]
Client: Frank Siller, CEO of Tunnels to Towers [https://tunnel2towers.org/ ]

Feeling A Little Less Lonely With Reshma Saujani’s Girls Who Code
Client: Geoff Bourgeois, CEO of Hubstor [http://www.hubstor.net/ ]
Client: Ira Nachtigal, CEO of Bobile [https://bobile.com/ ]

Don’t Get Duped: Spotting Fake Listings On Airbnb
Client: Ivan Levchenko, CEO of AirGMS [https://www.airgms.com/property-management-software/ ]

The Unabridged Story Of The Biggest Drug Bust In The History Of Darknet
Client: Ali Qamar, Editor in Chief at Security Gladiators [https://securitygladiators.com/ ]

Artificial Intelligence And The Overwhelming Question Of Human Rights
Client:  Anton Klingspor, Managing Partner at Indicina Ventures [https://www.antonklingspor.com/ ]
Client: Elisa Chan, Marketing Director at Macquarie Cloud Services [http://macquariecloudservices.com/ ]

Prepare Yourselves, Robots Will Soon Replace Doctors In Healthcare
Client: Ajan Reginald CEO of Celixir. [http://www.celixir.com/ ]
Client: The chatbot, known as Woebot [http://woebot.io/ ]

This Strange New Ransomware Isn’t Really After Your Money
Client: Zohar Pinhasi, CEO of MonsterCloud [https://monstercloud.com/cyber-security/ ]
Client:  Finn Joe, CEO of Be Encrypted [https://www.beencrypted.com/ ]

How I Ditched Cable With Hulu’s New Live TV Program
Seriously? You have Hulu in India? But great content ideation.

Is There Any Hope For A Clean And Reinvented Uber?
Client: Michele Zaccaria, CTO of Sengerio [https://www.sengerio.com/ ]


The List GOES ON. Initially, he was not selling links but recently he has started taking $$$ to insert your link within his content for SEO and PR Purpose.

I Am Wondering How Forbes Editor Can Be So Much Blind. It seems that nowadays it’s so Easy To Be Part of Forbes with Fake Profile. Hope Someday Forbes will ask Real Identification Document for Verification from their Contributor.