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There are numerous benefits to guest blogging. Guest Posting is one of the most effective online marketing tools, right up there with SEO and Branding. A link in form of guest post from authority website is worth the shot.

Today, I’m going to share the list of contributors who can help you with guest posting. They are contributors who are part of many publications and are selling links. They sell this links through reference, link reseller and through freelancing websites.

Amit Sen

Founder at ADS I Marketing. Amit owns website Amit Sen. He is link seller for, His profile is filled with many paid post. His profile can be seen on freelancing site selling Links on Engadget, Business, and Business2community.



Allan Smith

Allan is an experienced blogger and he notes down his thoughts on a regular basis through his blog Day Today Finance. This is a fake profile, there is no such real user. This is fake profile by Indian guy name Pankaj Deb selling Huffingtonpost link.



Sam Cohen

This is another fake profile by Mr. Pankaj Deb. His fake profile says “ freelance writer and a blogger” He sells Paid Guest Post through his FAKE Huffingtonpost Profile. His profile is no more active for selling links.



Shannon Ullman

She is part of freelancing sites selling Link in form of Guest Posting. She is a contributor at Huffington Post and Elite Daily. She owns a website Livesabroad. Her niche is travel but you can see that her profile is filled with random paid post.



Rahis Saifi

He is a Huffington Post link seller along with,, and has a profile in freelancing site. His whole contributor is not filled with paid post but also with filler post to cover paid post.



Nancy Laws

Nancy has been featured on several sites and is currently a featured contributor for as well as, and a Huffington Post blogger. She is a link seller for Huffington Post, Lifehack, and other small sites.



James Knuckey

Another Fake Profile selling Huffingtonpost Link.I do not have much information about this contributor much but he is definitely a link seller. His profile has a post which consists of betting links. He sells mostly UK based links.

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