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When guest blogging began, it was a big deal. Having a high-profile website invite you to post content on their site was an honor. This started an SEO strategy that many websites incorporated as a means to get high-quality content on their site without having to write it on their own.

This resulted in Business called Guest Posting for Editorial Links. Editorial Links are not easy to get because every article undergoes moderation and link inserted in this article can be compromised or removed. But this is not the case when it is naturally inserted and in proper topic professional done by this below contributors. They charge a fee for that but in return, the link is worth the shot.

I was a regular buyer and seller of this Editorial Links from various contributors. Hence thought of sharing this contributor profiles that can help you to get the link from various Editorial websites. All names listed in this post are Editorial Link Seller and I verified this by buying post from them indirectly through their middleman who sells this in various Freelancing sites.

I verified this by BUYING LINKS from their middle man and it was placed under their profile. If anyone has any query or doubts then contact me at

Jordan Kasteler [ New in List ]


Jordan KastelerJordan Kasteler is the VP of marketing at Hennessey Consulting. His work experience ranges from freelance and startup entrepreneurship, in-house brands, and agency-level marketing positions. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, columnist, and social media book author.

He is new on the list and did few paid posting. One of my clients is listed under his profile for paid posting. You can find many similar clients listed on his post in form of quote from Jimmy Rohampton paid post. Few clients such PromoAffiliates , Full Feature Article of Abdullahi Muhammed , Mention of again Daniel Wallock and many. Do check his INC articles, all paid post links in it ( Easy to guess for link seller ).

Various Profile:

Melissa Thompson

melissaMelissa is an entrepreneur, writer, and health expert from Utah and founder of HarcourtHealth. She previously produced segments for USA Today and CNN. She interviews successful entrepreneurs and writes down their startup journey as it relates to staying healthy in body and mind. She is part of publications like Forbes, INC, The Next Web. By purchasing link from the middleman, it was placed under her profile. Checked her all publications profile and found many paid link in her post in form of quote especially attorney niche. Don’t believe me? Go and read her post.  The post has a client which is common in other contributor’s post as well ( Well easy to spot if you are smart enough ).

Various Profile:

Jimmy Rohampton [ Forbes Fake Profile ]

Jimmy Rohampton

Jimmy Rohampton is a business consultant and the creator of Jimmy is new in List. He is part of Publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Engadget where he sells link. He has link seller in Freelance Platform who gets him orders. His link selling format is same that of Brent Gleeson i .e Round of Post — Posting 10 links in form of Quote from CEO. I verified this by purchasing link from his middle man and it was placed under his profile in form of round up post. You can check sample of such paid link post — Entrepreneur Paid Post and Forbes Paid Post Article

Various Profile:

Brent Gleeson


Brent Gleeson is a passionate speaker, entrepreneur, Navy SEAL combat veteran, and the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI). I never spoke to him directly but got my link placed in his profile through his link seller or by himself ( acting as link seller in a various forum not sure ). He is a Link Seller of Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur. He cleverly and naturally makes round off post to sell Paid Links. The best part is that he sells multiple links in one post in form of Quote, this is a unique method of selling links. I like the way he places the link in FORBES content abusing his publishing rights.

Various Profile Links:

AJ Agrawal

Aj Agrawalaj agarwal is part of many big publications such entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, Business — Insider etc. He will not reply any of your emails if you seek his service for link selling. You need to find the right agency or middleman with whom he works. He is founder of company called “Alumnify




Various Profile Links:

John Rampton

John Ramptonjohn is part of many big publications such INC, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc. He will not reply any of your emails if you seek his service for link selling. I never got any link work done by him but I know someone for whom he did and successfully got link approved in content, even his post has that link to prove.



Various Profile Links:

Vinil Ramdev

Vinil Ramdevvinil is a link seller for He only works with an agency or known middle man. He won’t reply you if you ask him for guest posting service and denies doing such work but the facts are something different. His post has paid links which any link seller can easily distinguish. He runs a blog named as CEO hangout.



Various Profile Links:

Steve Olenski

olenskiSteve Olenski is a contributing author for Huffingtonpost, Business Insider, and Forbes. He is known link seller for Forbes. He used to include multiple links in a single post which I find very rare with other authors. He won’t work with anyone, only with his known link seller. Do not bother him to mail or message, he won’t reply. All his old post has garbage links which are not even worth mentioning in Forbes.Maybe he has stopped doing now because latest post is worth reading.



Various Profile Links:

Toby Nwazor

tobyToby is a freelance writer. Get in touch with him for ghostwriting, website content creation and for more important -LINKS. He is a seller of links from Entrepreneur, Huffingtonpost, B2C. He has a website mystartupce. You can directly mail him through his website and get the website list where he offers paid Guest post. By the way, his prices are ridiculous.




Various Profile Links:

If you know such more Link Seller who abuse their publishing rights by selling links through post then comment below. I will be adding few more names in this list in coming days.

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