Clients who bought Paid Editorial Link from Brent Gleeson

client paid links
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Current Status: After Brent Gleeson Publishing right was revoked, he stopped selling links back from Feb 2017


As you know Buying Editorial Link is a new trend in Branding and SEO. Buying brand mention directly from contributor or middle saves a lot of money rather than buying from Forbes Advertising package. Here are list of clients who bought Editorial Link from Link Sellers indirectly through Brent Gleeson Рthe known Forbes and INC Link seller. and got themselves mentioned/featured on Forbes

For proof, I can be reached at

Fabrizio Moreira, CEO of The Moreira Organization LLC

John Wright, Director and VP Marketing at MCGB Properties Ltd

John Brown, Chief Editor at

Mike Scalin, CEO of Born to Sell

Ramzy Ladah, Owner & Personal Injury Lawyer at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC

Rickard Bäcklin, CMO of Telia Carrier

Jacob Hagberg of Orange Fox

Graeme Donnelly, CEO of 1st Formations

Zain Dhanani, Founding Partner of Tinsli

Eddie Madan, CEO of Toronto SEO Company

James Fowler, a criminal defense attorney at The Fowler Law Group

Nick Shirk, COO at

Brandon Lewis, President of Lewis Revenue Group

Sean Azari, CEO at Breakthrough Social

Pauli Mosser, CEO at Vippin Urkka

Rob Boegheim, Managing Director & Chief Explorer at Hema Maps

Kathleen Marsh, CEO and Co-Founder of

Daniel Fisher, CEO of Gold Dealer

Aric Shelko, CEO of BatteryClerk

Rahul Ithape, Founder and CEO of Nakshi

Brian Clark, CEO/Program Director of ACLS

Steven Spatola, Vice President of 3 Wishes

Julian Valentine, board member at Seattle Advertising

Michael Del Gigante, executive creative director and president of MDG Advertising

Ramananda Mayi, Founder of Blooming Lotus Yoga

Hiram Ip, Founder of and

Peter T. Boyd, PaperStreet Web Design

Ingrid M. Evans, Attorney at Evans Law Firm, Inc

Senen Garcia, Attorney at SG Law Group

Gina Bongiovi, Attorney at Bongiovi Law Firm

Stephan Popov, CEO of UnlockBoot

Lisa Fitzgerald, Chief Editor at

Kristy Dickerson, CEO of STARTplanner

Dave Chester, owner of Smart Home Automation

Mark Wilson VP, Corporate Communications, Dissertation Writing Services

Diane Bleck, CEO Innovation Think Pad, Inspiring Innovation

Steve Murray, SVP Retail, TicketLiquidator

Randy Shaw, President/CEO of Assemblies Unlimited, Inc

Christopher Prasad CEO of Jooksms

Robbie Sunday, CEO of Scores and odds

Adam Garcia, CEO at Ultimate Stock Alerts

Josh Cartu, CEO at SandStorm Holdings

John Hairabedian, CEO at Hgreg

Trevor Gerszt, CEO at GoldCo Precious Metals

Patrick Redmond, Allied Van Lines,

Dr. Barry Burns, Forex Strategies at Top Dog Trading\


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